What to expect

Physiotherapy Session

First Visit

Your first visit will be very thorough and spent evaluating your past medical history and everything else that brought you to your current state. Petra needs to get to know you as a person in order to understand how to best serve you and in which area you will need the most support. Everything that ever impacted you will be considered and discussed as it is an important part of your story. 

Your symptoms along with muscle testing will help to identify the root cause of your current presentation. During this visit you will also discuss your preferred approach to healing. You will be provided with basic essential information on how to begin improving your life straight away. At this point any imbalances will be addressed by muscle testing and corrected if needed. 

You will receive two free calls within the first month following your first visit to discuss your progress. 

Follow up

Your follow-up will include further muscle testing and body balancing. You will discuss all recommendations thoroughly so it fits into your life and you have a full understanding of each suggestion. The change begins with you. It will be your daily decisions and steps that will yield real long term results and health.  

All further visits will be scheduled only when you need them. Information sessions are available in between treatments visits for continued education.