What to expect

Physiotherapy Session

First Visit

Your first visit will be very thorough and spent evaluating your past medical history and everything else that brought you to your current state. It includes a thorough overall examination including tests for pathogens, endocrine system, gut, sensitivities, EMF, strength endurance and emotional capacity.

Everything that ever impacted you will be considered, and discussed as it is an important part of your story. The impact of your own beliefs  about you and your health will be addressed. so it is not preventing you from healing. 

The primary focus is on identifying the root cause, instead of only managing and suppressing symptoms. 

The session findings serve as a road map to identify the best healing journey for each individual. 

During this visit you will also discuss your preferred approach to healing. You will be provided with basic essential information on how to begin improving your life straight away. 

Follow up

Your follow-up will  include your treatment recommendations and further information for you to heal. The follow up visit will typically happen about one to two weeks after the initial consultation. This gives you time to consider all we discussed,  experience the initial recommendations and consider all your options. 

Petra is guided by the individual in devising a comprehensive plan of action that can be practiced at home. 

If done with purpose, determination, consistency, intensity, passion and commitment, you will heal. You are equipped with enough knowledge and understanding of your own health, so you can be your own healer in the future. 

The change begins with you. It will be your daily decisions and baby steps that will yield real long term results and health.

Any other follow- ups following your first two visits will be scheduled only as and when needed. 

Information sessions are available for continued education. 

You become your own healer. You HEAL you.