Natural Medicine For Modern People

The Pinnacle Health provides a unique kind of medicine for a unique type of human. 

Holistic medicine supports your choice to live a healthier, natural and less toxic life. Our carefully crafted approach will guide you how to be fully in charge of your own health and to ultimately eliminate the need for appointments that continue for a lifetime. 

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"My Life is My Medicine"

My story: 


I have always been interested and fascinated by the complexity of the human body. The holistic approach to the patient, who is not simply seen as a biological organism , but also as an emotional and social being whose ill health  is multifactorial really resonated with me. 

When my young son health plummeted without any answers from the conventional medicine, I decided to pursue holistic medicine for my career. 

I received my Naturopathic Degree from The College of Naturopathic Medicine and International College of Holistic Medicine. 

I attended advanced Systematic Kinesiology school in London where I obtained my Kinesiology Diploma. During this time I helped my son fully heal , reconstruct his lifestyle and utilize and live the medicine I was studying. 

My main mission as a practitioner is to educate the patients how to prevent disease, how to optimize their lifestyle and regain health, so they can live their life to the fullest without medication and practitioner. 

I am currently a member of International College of Holistic Medicine and Kinesiology Association.

Is Holistic Your Medicine? 

The Pinnacle Health Practice was founded by Petra Sedlak for those individuals that are ready to take control of their health and get maximum results. She believes that once a person understands the link between their daily thoughts, habits, beliefs, actions, emotions, energy, physical health and life circumstances, profound changes will happen. 

Modern, driven people no longer fit the old allopathic model "pill for the ill" and need a better holistic way to achieve their optimal health. 

Once you or anybody else is willing to let go of the outdated stories and programmes of what you are capable of or what health really is, your potential become limitless. 

We provide you with tools, information, education and motivation to keep you focused in reaching all your goals. 


This medicine is made for you to transform your life. 

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