Naturopathic Medicine
Philosophy and Principles


Health is positive vitality and not just an absence of medical findings of disease. 

Education of the patient is vital to promote healthy living, self-care, preventative medicine and the unique factors affecting vitality. 

The vital force is diminished by a range of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental factors. 

Vis medicatrix natrae, The Healing Power of Nature


Trust in the body's innate ability to heal

Tolle Causum, Find and Treat the cause

Look beyond the symptoms to the root cause


Primum Non Nocere, First Do No Harm

Utilize the most natural, non invasive and least toxic therapies

Docere, Doctor as Teacher

Educate the patient by teaching the principles of good health

Tolle Totum, Treat the Whole Person

Treat each person by taking into account individual physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, and spiritual factors

Praevenire, Prevention

Focus is on disease prevention, wellness and overall long-term health

Source: Clinical Naturopathy

Naturopathic medicine utilises many modalities in order to help you heal. These are unique and individual to each person. 

It may include use of botanicals, nutrition, behavioural medicine, homeopathy, Energy medicine, EFT tapping, facial reflexology, light therapy, movement and preventative medicine.