Systematic Kinesiology


Kinesiology is a science of interpreting muscle response as an indicator of mental, chemical, physical and energetical imbalance in the body. Muscle testing allows us to open an amazing conversation with your body- to find what impacted you and changed the unconscious programming and to determine how to bring it back to balance. 


In order to find these imbalances, we access the body's bio-feedback system. 

There is a continuous loop of feedback between sensory receptors throughout the body and the central nervous system. 

Our body is like an electrical piece of equipment, which is controlled by an incredibly complex computer, the brain. The brain is continually in communication with each of the 639 muscles in the body. If a muscle is electrically in balance, it is possible to measure a constant electrical signal from the brain to that muscle and back again. 

Muscle testing is accomplished by applying light pressure against the arm or leg muscle of a client who is simultaneously resisting with an equal pressure.

Kinesiology techniques stimulate receptors located throughout the body, which maintains the health and integrity of the physical body. Once the root cause is established, the appropriate imbalance is addressed. 

Techniques used include stress and anxiety releasing techniques, cranial corrections, structural work, food sensitivity and allergy testing and corrections, energy pathway (meridian) work, nutritional balancing, toxicity testing, electromagnetic stress (EMF) testing. However each individual must put in the work, not just rely on passive treatments. 









This is what Dr Anne Jensen 

from Oxford University had to say 

about kinesiology recently.