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You Are Not Your Diagnosis

Updated: Apr 1

What is medical diagnosis?

Diagnosis is a name given to a group of signs and symptoms. Signs are usually based on examination, labs and imaging. Symptoms are what you feel and experience within your body. Based on this evidence your doctor will deliver your diagnosis. Cancer, Lupus, Thyroiditis, IBS.. these are heavy words that the patient must take on. Most diagnosis are categorized- easy, hard to recover from, possibly curable, incurable. This diagnosis is usually based on a textbook, you matched 7 our of the 10 symptoms required for this particular diagnosis. You are now part of an algorithm.

Sadly most people will carry this story for the rest of their life- they become their diagnosis. If they were told it is incurable, they will rarely heal as they believe this story. But wait, you are not cancer. You are not IBS. It is just a name, given by a man. Like Hashimoto's for instance. Your body is out of balance and it is displaying all these signs and symptoms to get your attention to change something. You are not your diagnosis, it doesn't define who you are at all.

People are often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. If you do not look for the root cause of the presentation, you do not get the entire picture. Once the root cause is established and if the person wants to heal, the symptoms will disappear and with it also your diagnosis.

In naturopathic medicine, we don't treat disease, we treat people. If two people come to my clinic with the same diagnosis, they will never receive the same recommendation. Their journeys and stories are unique, they are two different individuals. So at the end of the day, the diagnosis doesn't really matter. Don't let this word stop you from healing and living your life.

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