Petra Sedlak

Dip KA, H.I.Dip. (Naturopathy)

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After qualifying in advanced holistic nutrition in 2013 and completing many case studies I felt I needed strong diagnostic tool to help broader range of clients. I was introduced to systematic kinesiology and completed the Kinesiology Foundation at the College of Naturopathic medicine with Alison Manos in 2015 in London.  The benefits of using kinesiology were effective and immediate, so I  continued my studies towards the Kinesiology Diploma with Mick Lawrence at Systematic Kinesiology Therapy Training (SKTT). I qualified in 2018. 

I have always been interested and fascinated by the complexity of the human body. The holistic approach to the patient, who is not simply seen as a biological organism , but also as an emotional and social being whose ill health  is multifactorial really resonated with me. This led to further studies in Naturopathy.  

I enjoy helping the clients to understand that profound changes can happen once we find the link between our daily thoughts, beliefs, actions, emotions, energy, physical health and our life circumstances.Preventative measures and techniques are part of every individual treatment. 


I regularly attend workshops and CPD training courses. I accept case studies on an ongoing basis. 


I am a member of Kinesiology Association (KA) and International College of Holistic medicine (I.C.H.M). I have a higher international Diploma in Naturopathy consisting of anatomy and physiology, advanced holistic nutrition, advanced herbalism, life coaching and sports nutrition. 

Systematic Kinesiology Diploma.

First aid qualified.