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You have a innate ability to heal

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Meet Petra Sedlak

Petra's main mission as a functional medicine practitioner is to restore health and vitality, guide and educate how to prevent disease, optimise lifestyle, so the clients feel empowered to live their life to the fullest without medication, supplements and practitioner. 

Petra Sedlak received Naturopathic Degree from The College of Naturopathic Medicine and International College of Holistic Medicine. 

She attended advanced Systematic Kinesiology school in London obtaining Kinesiology Diploma.


At The Pinnacle Health Practice we focus on finding the root cause of your health concern. The human body is a very complex eco-system, living in a bigger eco-system, the universe. Outside environment affects what happens inside us, impacted by food we eat, daily stress we experience and this alters who we are. 
The symptoms may help us to guide the therapy, but there are no labels. Simply because you are a human being, an individual on a unique journey called life. 

This is what Dr Anne Jensen 

from Oxford University had to say 

about kinesiology recently. 





I suffered with debilitating pain in my back and left shoulder after a cycling accident two years ago. I did not want to take painkillers any longer and decided to try kinesiology. The pain significantly reduced after the first session when Petra applied many structural corrections. I was educated about the importance of regular movement and given exercises to do daily. I was pain free within two months. 

- Mark B. London




Petra is a very friendly holistic practitioner who knows how to make a connection with her clients. I suffered with IBS and insomnia for many years. Stress was the root cause of my illness, once I understood that I began to heal. Petra's treatment was very individualised, I have never come across it with any other practitioner.  

- Theresa G. London


I was having a really hard time for  lots of reasons. I felt depressed and alone most of the time. I learned to take care of myself in a way I would have never otherwise. I turned my resistance to change into actual actionable steps. I started to feel safe, empowered and hopeful. It has been quite a journey and I feel alive again. 

- Linda T.  Ingatestone